Macrame for beginners

You could be new to the world of macrame and how much beauty handcrafted macrame can add to your living spaces. Deciding the type of macrame for beginners could be tricky if you haven't really played with them to match with the rest of your interior. To make it an easy choice, we have a variety of macrame wall hangers with different patterns, colours and sizes so that it fits different areas of your house.

If you were to start with your favourite plants to start with, you could begin with our macrame plant hangers. They are made with 100% natural cotton robes which are perfect for an earthy look. You could easily keep your plant pot inside and hand the macrame on a hook. We have one pot hangers, two pot hangers or more pot hangers making it easy to fall in love with macrame for beginners. They can be hung at different heights providing more space and creativity for you to work with and create an oasis of greenery. This not only creates lush greenery at your living spaces, they become more serene and beautiful to enjoy your time. 

When it comes to your living spaces, macrame wall hangers can add beauty and glamour and it is super easy even for a macrame beginner to get around it. Your living space whether it is your dining room, Kitchen, entertainment area or bedroom, is a space where you spend a lot of time. Hence the pattern and colours of the wall hangers and size of it does matter and should blend well with the rest of your interior. That’s why most of our designs are made with neutral colours to suit any contemporary, chic, boho style. They add a whole new look to your living spaces.